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We Are Open For Business 7 Days a Week!

Please call 1-800-205-1050 or 303-457-4506 for help...

(For International Orders, please call us in the United States at  001-303-457-4506)

We will email your order today.  Normally within an hour or two!  BUT, during regular business hours, Colorado time!  Don't hesitate to call us if it takes longer than an hour or two... We've got stuff to do as well and aren't hovering over the computer waiting for an order to show up.  Thanks

Ordering by PayPal ?  Send your purchase to our E-mail at OSHAsafety@aol.com

Include exactly what you are ordering on the PayPal order form. Also, please provide your contact phone number, Company name you want in the document(s), and Email shipping address.

And never hestitate to give Frank a call at 800-205-1050 if you have any questions or special requirements or considerations!

Ordering Your Lesson Plans    Electronically

Which Manual/Chapter(s) Option are You Ordering?  Please Click and Scroll Down in the Below Box to find Your Selection.

(Insure Your Selection is VISIBLE in the Below Box When You're Finished) 

To Complete Your Electronic Transaction, Please Click on the Below:

If you have any questions, please "CLICK HERE" for the Email screen to email us! Or call us at the number below. Thanks!

Ordering by  Telephone  or Questions

Please call 1-800-205-1050 or 1-303-457-4506.  Ask for Frank   

(For International Orders, please call  001-303-457-4506)

Ordering by FAX or through the Mail

Please print this page (normally page 2 of 4) , fill it out, and FAX to: 1-720-207-9922


Cost Each

Basic 69 Page Manual (Edited) ($99.95) or ($89.95 Unedited) .

Your 10 Custom Chapters ($220) (Edited)

Top Ten Chapter Package ($200) + (Edited)
Construction Package A ($200) + (Edited) .
Construction Package B ($200) + (Edited) .
Admin Package A ($200) +  (Edited) .

Admin Package B ($200)+ (Edited)


Oil & Gas Field Package ($200) + (Edited)


OFF-Shore Oil Rig Package ($200) + (Edited)


Trade Specific Chapter ($25) - Which One?:


Addtl. Loose Chapter ($25)-Name:


Addtl. Loose Chapter ($25)-Name:


Addtl. Loose Chapter ($25)-Name:


Addtl. Loose Chapter ($25)-Name:


Addtl. Loose Chapter ($25)-Name:


Addtl. Loose Chapter ($25)-Name:


Addtl 69 Page Manual  Printed $100 each




Add $35.00 for RUSH US Mail.....__________

................................Total Enclosed/Charged.....__________                 

Please Make Your check payable to:  Home Building Manual

Credit Card Number: _________________________  Exp. Date: _____

Name on Card: _______________________________________
Circle Type of Card: .....VISA ...AMERICAN EXPRESS

Signature: ______________________________________

Name of Company: ____________________________________________________________________  

Safety and Health Manager: ___________________________________________

Name: ___________________________________
e-Mail Address:    ___________________________
Mailing Address:  ___________________________
City: ______________________________________
State: _______________ Zip:   ________________

Phone Number: ____________________________

You can also email this order form to Frank at (click->) E-mail Frank, OSHAsafety@aol.com

Mail your check or money order to:

Home Building Manual
P.O. Box 7712
Loveland, Colorado 80537-7712

Thank you very much for your business! Frank

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