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Easy to Follow, "Step-by-Step" Safety Training Lesson Plans.

It's EASY to present a ~30 minute Safety Lesson.

Just "Follow the Script" that we will provide you! 

Give each Employee the Safety Lesson Plan for their records!

Each Safety Lesson Plan is arranged with the following sections: 

Preparation- What you need to do before presenting the.lesson
  • Make Handouts
  • Notify Employees and Management of Meeting
  • Reserve Meeting Room, Overhead Projector, Extension Cords, etc.
  • Transparencies
  • Coffee and Doughnuts, etc.
Material- What you need to have available with the lesson
  • Visual aids, and handouts
  • Marking pens, highlighters, name-tags
  • Tools, chemicals, safety equipment, etc.
Objective- What the personnel should learn from the.lesson and the applicable OSHA Standard
Background- Company Policy and reasons for the lesson
Lesson Presentation- Easy Step-by-Step, Readable Format!
Lesson Closure- Wrap Everything Up! Question and Answer Time

Assessment- Evaluate and Test the Employees Understanding of the Material

These are not general "Safety Meeting Outlines". These are actual "Lesson Plans" that you can use to conduct a Safety Meeting

Even if you've never taught a class before, you can confidently do it now by "Following the Script" we'll provide!

You will present these lessons like a Pro!

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80 Different Safety Lesson Plans to choose from!

Each Safety Lesson Plan also has a quiz!

Basic Safety Lessons

Column #1      

(40 Lesson Plans)

Industrial/Construction Safety Lessons

Column #2

(40 Lesson Plans)



Over 700 Pages of Text!

687 PowerPoint Screens on Column #1 and 643 on Column #2!

1330 PowerPoint Screens for all 80 lessons!

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The lesson plans are great! Well worth the money paid for them. They saved me a lot of time and effort and are much more thorough than ones I have put together by myself. Thanks!

Randy Moore


Use these Safety Lesson Plans as a foundation of your Safety Training Program.  Build on the Safety Lesson Plans~ use your own experience and practical knowledge and add to these Safety Lesson Plans to make them more Company Specific!

These Safety Lesson Plans are SO easy to edit! The lessons are written in "Microsoft WORD".  Make any changes and additions you want by "Cut and Paste" method and then print them up! You can also print the lesson plan and make changes to the "hard copy."  Make transparencies or photocopy handouts for your personnel to follow along during your training session.

It's so Easy!

OSHA Regulations require employers to have a written "Training Program" for their employees (CFR 1910.1200, CFR 1926.21)

Sure, you can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on video tapes and computer based, CD Rom  "Self Studies", but why? It's a fact that employees learn more from a round table discussion (with real people) than from watching a TV screen or computer monitor! osha, training, safety, free, lesson, plans, program, teaching, trainer, safety, written, health, programs, plans, compliance, samples

What's included in this package?

  • Safety Lesson Plans and Assessment Tests

  • Attendance Record Forms

  • "Safety Education and Training Program" Company Policy Statement

  • Employee Safety Training Checklist- To document individual employee training classes taken

  • Safety Lesson Scheduling Chart - Training Schedule that's broken down into weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual training

  • Teaching to the Adult Learner- Training Suggestions to help you become more effective!

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